Car Accidents

The personal injury law firm of DePrimo Law in Florida is not a mill that churns out car-accident case after car-accident case. We take on a limited number of complex cases that involve permanent injuries and death, requiring attention to all details and unique issues related to the claim. While we don’t take on all clients, know that the cases we do take are handled with dedication and diligence.

In any event, the important issue is that all steps are taken to be sure that the injured person is fully and fairly compensated. At The DePrimo Law Firm we have successfully navigated through these issues many times. Being successful in these claims requires experience and close attention to the details of the crash. Giving close attention to a case requires us to be selective about the cases we take.

Your Legal Advocate and Spokesperson

At The DePrimo Law Firm, we know each client and each injury is distinct, and we do our best to understand each client’s individual case. To do this, we must be selective of the cases we take. Using this approach, our team of lawyers has had tremendous success in representing victims of car crashes.

Our results are no accident. We have spent years studying how best to represent individuals injured in car crashes and their loved ones. We have interviewed and worked with hundreds of physicians and other health care professionals, and spent many hours on our feet in courtrooms advocating on behalf of car crash victims.

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