Uber & Lyft Accidents

The DePrimo Law Firm, our team of attorneys is highly skilled and extensively experienced in handling accident cases involving Uber or Lyft drivers. Over the past several years Mr. DePrimo has helped countless clients successfully resolve their car accident problems.  As a result, he has a comprehensive understanding of personal injury law, car accident cases especially so.

About Uber & Lyft

Since Uber and Lyft are relatively new companies, there is a tremendous lack of oversight and supervision of their drivers from the respective companies’ upper management. As a result, many people who should be considered unqualified to drive are hired by these companies. The process for hiring has not gotten much more stringent and the necessary requirements for becoming a driver are often laughably low. This has resulted in countless crashes, accidents, and problematic incidents all because these two companies would rather save and make money than invest in safe and quality drivers.

Common causes of Uber and Lyft accidents include:

  • Underqualified drivers being hired
  • Poorly supervised drivers
  • Poorly maintained vehicles
  • Defective parts in the vehicles
  • Distracted or intoxicated drivers

How We Can Help

Using a network of experts and our in-depth knowledge of the law, we can help build a strong case against the party responsible for your injuries and damage. We will thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case and coordinate with numerous other professionals, such as forensic experts, scene reconstruction specialists, technological specialists, car technicians, and more.

Our relentless legal team works hard day and night to ensure each and every one of our clients receives the high-quality legal representation they need and deserve. We will work to lift the legal burden off your shoulders completely while you focus on other important matters in your life such as your family, injury, and finances. With The DePrimo Law Firm you can rest assured that you and your family are in caring and capable hands.

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