Truck Accidents

Providing Exceptional Legal Representation

Trucks traveling at high speeds can hit with devastating force. When they do, serious injuries or fatalities often occur. After a semi-truck accident, what can you do? How can you ever recover? Where can you turn for help? At The DePrimo Law Firm, we help victims of trucking accidents and their families obtain compensation for their losses and suffering. But in a greater sense, we help them rebuild their lives.

Understanding Car vs Truck Accidents

Anyone who drives the streets and highways of Florida has likely had a close call with a large commercial truck or a sense of uneasiness when sharing the road with a massive 18-wheel tractor-trailer rig. When a car-truck accident does occur — as you may recently have been painfully or tragically reminded — the damage and costs are often tremendous.

The opponent in a lawsuit arising from a commercial semi-truck accident is likely to be a major insurer or a financially strong trucking company. It’s wise to work with a law firm that is up to the challenge of nailing down truck accident causes and proving negligence to a jury.

Walk-aways from accidents between two or more cars are relatively common. When a large commercial truck is involved in a wreck, the likelihood of catastrophic injuries or a wrongful death increases dramatically. Mr. DePrimo is committed to deploying the most qualified investigators and pursuing every angle on our clients’ behalf.

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